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The Tall Messenger recycled Jacket bag is made for the person who wants the convenience of a messenger bag but is tempted to carry too much. So we've made her medium-sized and fairly flatish but she has the capacity to hold all your essential. This way, you won't be putting all that weight on your shoulder. There is enough space for a book, phone & wallet. Or a magazine, journal, sketch pad & pencils. Plus, her back is upcycled from the lower jacket pocket which is wide and gives easy accessibility your phone or keys.

The front of this wonderfully soft messenger bag is remade from the lapel of a mottled blue-grey woollen jacket.

Her inner lining is repurposed from the jacket's original inner lining including the pocket + fabric maker's label.

The cover flap is upycled from the sleeve cuff of the jacket and is safely held closed by a strong magnetic clasp.

The Tall Messenger measures about 25 x29 x 6cm. OR 10 x 11.5 x 2.25". And her adjustable strap maxes out at about 134cm (52"). This makes her perfect as a messenger or a sling bag. She is sturdy, because she's been double stitched where it matters and padded with light batting.