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Bum Cozy | Upcycled from Red Canada Pacific Rail Blanket

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If you're going to sit outside on a cold day, make sure you have one of our Bum Cozy sitting mats to keep you warm and dry. They are ideal for cool weather days when sitting outdoors is in order. They're also great for damp patios, ice hockey games, knitting in the rough, camping around the mountains or just sitting in your own backyard around a fire.

The Bum Cozy is an easy-to-pack accessory for hiking and camping. It folds up and unrolls without a fuss and is there to keep your tush nice and comfy. This isn't just an excuse to look at the scenery.

Our Bum Cozy is made on Salt Spring and from vintage wool blankets that have been stitched together with a water-resistant fabric on the other side. The gorgeous red blanket was from Canada Pacific Rail from 1952.

They measure around 16" x 16" with an elastic loop which doubles as a hanging loop as well as keeping it tidy as a roll.

There are limited numbers of each design due to the fact that they are upcycled from vintage wool blankets,