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Green Bananas Eco

Classic Carry All Messenger | Build Your Own Bag

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The Classic Carry All Messenger is big. By far the largest, and built tough this large tote is perfect for your papers, mobile, wallet & your laptop.With all her pockets, she can also be used as a shopping, book or diaper bag.

Really sturdy because she's been double stitched and her outer shell comes completely from a woollen jacket. A batting is interfaced to provide a stiff cushioning to help ride out the knocks & bumps of everyday life.

Her inside is made from the original satin lining of the jacket with the two inner pockets  plus the maker's label.

The cover flap is made form the back of a jacket with a pair of elastic loops with over-sized button to close her. The Jacket's lower pockets are positioned both in front &  back for easy access to your keys and phone.

Measures around 35cm x 29cm x 13cm.

Please note that the pictures are to give an idea of what the bag will look like and NOT the actual bag itself.

 Information to be included when you place your order

1) Colour: Blue, Brown, Green or Grey

2) Weave : Basket, Herringbone, Houndstooth, Pinstriped or Plaid.

Once you've selected your options, we will send you 3 pictures of jackets that best match your choices so that you can make your choice from one of the three.

If you'd like to pretty up your bag with Fabric Flower pins or Summer straps be sure to check out our Accessories page.

** Please note that because all the bags are made from the jackets we have on hand, the exact selection you 'd made may not be available . We'll  send you pictures of the best match, or should your heart be set on that exact selection, it may have to wait a bit till we find that jacket on our next thrift-store run. We hope you understand. Thanks.