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Green Bananas Eco

Shopping Tote with leather straps | JANE

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Jane is a unique and eco friendly tote that's made from an olive green woollen jacket. The front and back are upcycled from the jacket's lower pockets.  Plus the buttonholes are featured on the front. Perfect as a shopping, book, diaper bag or for magazines, journal/drawing pad and pens/pencils. Plus, her back pocket is a cozy & easily accessible place for your phone or keys.

Jane is sturdy because she's been double stitched . Her are made from remnant leather and are long enough to use as a shoulder bag.

Her inner lining is upycled from the lining of the jacket with its original pocket. A safe spot for your keys or glasses.

She measures about 39 x28 x 7cm. OR 15.5 x 11 x 2.75". And her handles are 56cm (22.25") long.