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Tweed + Bananas

Shabby Chic Fabric Flower Pins | Set of 2 | for hats, coats, bags, dresses and more

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Colourful fabric flower pins for your hat, scarf, bag or just to dress up a simple black dress.
If you slot an ordinary bobby pin over the pin at the back of the flower, you can even use it in your hair or to dress up plain court shoes.

I really like using them to give a pop of colour to the neutral coloured Recycled Jacket bags.

These flowers are light and flat, so they stay upright after you pin them on, and the flower pins don't flop over.

The pin at the back is triple stitched to make them stick better onto the flower

Each measures between 5-6 cm across.

Because they are made from different parts of textured or patterned fabrics, every flower is similar but unique.

The pins are a wonderfully simple way to change the look of what you wear with no fuss.