The Paper Maker

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The standard Paper Maker contains a mold and deckle conveniently joined together with a hinge.
It makes 15 x 11 cm sheets of handmade paper by recycling scrap paper from your home or office.

What's in The Paper Maker?

  • A 15 x 11cm wooden mold and deckle set joined by a hinge.

  • Simple instructions with drawings that shows you how to make paper. The instruction sheet also has creative ideas for making different kinds of handmade paper, with varied textures, colours and the beautiful fun things you can add to it.

  • Couching sheets

  • A biodegradable cellulose sponge

  • A pair of strong, flat pressing boards.

The Paper Maker kit is tidily packed into a bag upcycled from dead stock fabric, used tablecloths or duvet covers.

If you'd like to make larger sheets of paper, check out The Big Paper Maker which makes 26cm x 16 cm sheets.